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Gathering Games

Having a virtual gathering online?  C-CLEER Productions offers both basic and custom games for the occassion.  Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Birthdays, or Game Nights, check out our selection of virtual gathering games.

Virtual Gathering Games are designed to be used in conjunction with an online meeting platform with screen sharing capabilities (i.e. Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.).  A "Game Host" is required to administer the game during game play.  The "Game Host" is responsible for sharing the  the game on the screen with the participants.  The "Game Host" should familiarized self with the chosen online meeting platform screen sharing capabilites for an optimal game play experience.  The "Game Host" is responsible for pausing, reversing (rewinding), fast-forwarding, or stopping the game (if necessary) during game play; adjusting the volume of the game video (if necessary); minimizing or maximizing the game video screen; stopping the game video in the event of a winner prior to the end of the game video.

Most of the Virtual Gathering Games are in a question format.  Many games have a printable game sheet also available (for purchase) to be used with game video.  The printables may distributed to the game participants as desired by the event host (i.e. emailed for participants to print on their own, printed and compiled as game booklet for showers, etc.).  For question format games, the answers are embedded in the game video.  For "chance games,"  where the first person to meet the game objective wins (i.e. bingo-type games), the games have to be ended by the "Game Host" when someone one wins, otherwise the game video will continue until the end of the video (all options are depleted).

Check out our YouTube Channel "Name That" play list for additional free virtual gathering games!  Be sure to check back on this site for new games added periodically!

C-CLEER Productions LLC is not responsible for performance of the chosen online meeting platform, internet connection, or electronic media device used (i.e. computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.).  Game Videos are provided in MP4 format and Game Sheets are in PDF format.

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